This is the first blog of my adventure down ‘Diabetes Blog Week!’ Hopefully after this great start to blogging I will have my friends and family hook and I will keep going. I have come to love sharing my battle with diabetes and I cannot wait to see where it takes me!

DBW#1: Find a Friend- A blogger I love!
When I finally decided to start taking care of myself I ran to the internet! Searching for techniques and methods, and mostly the pros and cons of pump use. I stumbled upon TONS of blogs. Some I bookmarked, some I couldn’t understand and others I LOVED! Alexis at myabetic blog caught my attention pretty fast. Funny, smart, and working/struggling to control the bêtes. From the first day I read her blog I have plugged in everyday to read another post! I have laughed, wowed, and nodded my head in agreeance reading her tales.

Last week also marked the one year anniversary of me taking care of myself…via Pump!! His name is George. Annoying and lovely all in one!

XoXo, Blondie.