DBW #2: One great thing- A positive thing to celebrate that I do well with my diabetes.

One thing I do great with my diabetes………
Oh Man.

Ponder. Ponder Ponder. It is not like I am a negatagator (that is a big burly negative monster). I am just a perfectionist, Haha.

I had to sleep on it! At first I thought of how in tune with my body I am. After over a decade of diabetes I can feel a low at 4.1 before my sensor rings at me. When I get overly angry or feel upset I can feel the difference between a sugar emotion and a justified emotion. Overall when my body sends me a signal I can read it well and adjust to my needs! Even in the confusion of a low

After this I came to the conclusion that at the end of the day everything I do is great with my diabetes. Why? because I am alive and well! I have a mostly ‘normal’ busy life style and manage to keep up with my diabetes. I am by no means perfect at it but I try and that is the best part. I strive for the 6.0, the perfect A1C. So I can feel good! I am not giving up or staying frustrated on bad bete days. I pick myself up, keep going, and make the best out of the life I have and love!

XoXo, Blondie.