BG: 7.6
DBW #3 One thing to improve- One thing I should get better at!

One thing I should improve on is My Memory, Defiantly!! I am so forgetful…
I forget:

  • To bolus when I eat
  • Refill my reservoirs with insulin
  • When I take my sensor off
  • How much time it takes to refill and put new quick sets/sensors on
  • To plug my blood sugar readings into the computer
  • My meter: in the car, at home, at work, EVERYWHERE!
  • that it takes longer then 30seconds to recover from a low

 One time I actually forgot my insulin in the fridge when I was off to the airport to Greece on a school trip! At the time we lived at least 30minutes away from the airport and my dad had to drive like a crazy man to get there. We had gotten there early to make sure the whole group could get through security in a timely matter and so I stood at the end of the line. Anxiously waiting. Worrying if he was so worried about getting back that he crashed. When he got back he gave me my insulin and I have to leave. There was no real goodbye. I have felt guilty for the moment for a long time!

I don’t understand why I forget. I mean these are the things I need to live… How do you forget these things?! It should just be second nature by now!
However, I do know that people make mistakes and that even moms forget their babies for spilt seconds and diapers!! It is a part of life. Good thing I have a good support group that helps me remember the important stuff!! Thanks 😀

XoXo, Blondie.