BG: 9.9

DBW #4- Fantasy Diabetes Device- Something to invent to manage my diabetes

My Fantasy Device would be like the pump and sensor I have now with a few changes.

First of all it would always work. No malfunctions! There are some days were I just want to rip the stupid thing off me and throw it at the wall. For example the FIRST TIME I was ever hospitalized in 12 years of being diabetic. The little tube inside my body got kinked and sent a morning blood sugar of 10 to 30! I became overwhelming ill and as Kam took me to the hospital I started to become confused. My mild DKA, that was a result of my pump malfunction, put me in the hospital for seven hours. (I still blame the police officer who ripped it off me while patting me down to get into a music festival BUT oh well, I could/shoulda been proactive about it. Such as life as my mom always says!)

This fantasy device would also understand my body better then I. It would be able to make calculations based on my blood sugar, the hormones in my body, plus the food and exercise I do daily to keep my blood sugar a  perfect 6.0 😉 

To top it off this fantasy device would be safely implanted under the skin without having to take anti-rejection pills or move sites.

Haha so you know pretty much my own working pancreases again!

XoXo, Blondie.