DBW #5-What they should know- What is one thing you would tell someone that does not have diabetes about living with diabetes?

There are some many things I want people to know!!! The amount of frustration I get from non-diabetics is crazy. I never understand were they get their information!

So here is a small beginning list! 

  • There are THREE different types of diabetes. All  vary in the way we were diagnosed (hereditary, pregnancy, lifestyle, etc.) and the way we need to take care of ourselves.
  • There are different types of therapies for managing one’s diabetes. So some people eat on a strict diet, others don’t.
  • The amount of needles or insulin that go in your body does not say ‘how bad your diabetes is’ this is also apart of the different type of therapies!
  • Check your references when you search up info about diabetes. Not everyone is very reliable! I find most people have their own ideas and spread them around like they are a doctor. JDRF, the Canadian Diabetes Association, Or a NEWLY educated diabetic (So no not your grandma that has not seen a doctor about her diabetes in 20 years) are great places to start! The books for dummies are not bad but I find them very negative (talking a lot about complications!).
  • If a diabetic is telling you the way they take care of themselves. Don’t question them. They are the diabetic and know what is up with their body!
  • I shouldn’t eat cake but that’s not because of my diabetes. It is to keep a normal healthy body. Therefore, neither should you!

If there is anything you want to know, ANYTHING! Just ask! I know I need to take some more classes on diabetes but I think I am a little up to speed and could help you out 😀

XoXo, Blondie.