Today is my last post in the ‘Diabetes Blog Week’ (It was supposed to be on Sunday BUT it has been so gorgeous out I could not have myself sitting inside on the computer!!). In this last post we are suppose to say who our diabetic hero is. The description talked about people we did or did not know, dead or alive, etc. I am assuming diabetic?!

However, my diabetic hero is not diabetic and it is more than one person.

To me the strongest people are the ones who can keep others calm, offer advice when they themselves are in a time of need. I do not remember once seeing my mom or dad cry or grieve over my illness. That does not mean they have not.  Just that they held it in and stayed calm and strong for me. I truly believe that is way I took the diagnoses as well as I did. My parents said we’d get through it and their confidence encouraged me.

That is why they are my diabetic hero.

I have had a lot of people tell me I am strong and have so much courage to manage my diabetes everyday but who do you think I got that from? I am tough because of my parents. My mom has given me more needles then I have (I think!). Did you know I did not start consistently giving myself my needles until I was 15 years old?! And for the past year I have been pumping (which means one or two needles every seven days).  They were up at night to check my blood sugars when I was sick or had active days. They counted carbs, went to doctor’s appointments, change their lifestyles to manage mine, and I am sure still worry all the time!!

They have done more diabetes management, and worry more about complications than I do even though they are not diabetic.

No hesitation or questions asked (this post was an easy one :P)

My parents are my diabetic heroes!

XoXo, Blondie.