Now that Diabetes blog week is over..I know have to think of things to talk about by myself! Haha I am sure it won’t be hard…Hopefully!
If you’d like to check out the other entries from other blogs go to the bittersweet blog! There were over a hundred other bloggers doing it too!

So…. I have been preparing this speech for the ride for the cure luncheon on the 30th and decided to write what a low and high blood sugar feels like. It was pretty hard to think about it! When I have a low or high I usually just deal with it and move on with my day. I have never really taken the time to think about how I am really feeling in that moment.

Just a little side note before you read. Every person with diabetes feels highs and lows differently! This is my experience and does not mean it is the same for everyone else.

Imagine you are sitting here reading a pretty wicked cool blog.(:D) When all of sudden you are feeling restless. Your legs wont sit still and you are irritated with how long the post seems to be. Your head and neck are feeling a little heavy as your partner reaches over and asks what your reading and all you can think is ‘waaaaait, Whaaat?!’ Now everything is seeming to move so slow. Your arms feel weak when you try to lift your water bottle. That’s when you tune in. Your tongue is numb, and you feel shaky. Your low!

A high is a lot different. It starts off with me losing all my saliva (Dehydration!) and then feeling like I have to pee. If that does not tip me off next comes a small headache and then my body clenches. Clenched jaw, tight fists, just very tight and tense. Look at me funny, poke me, tell me a joke, Ask me if I am okay, ANTYTHING and the likelihood of me freaking out and crying is very probably haha.

A bad betes day happens when i am low and high all day. There is no middle ground and its back and fourth between feeling those ways! Sometimes I cause a bad betes day with miscalculations of food and insulin and other days it just happens on its own.
I try hard to control my diabetes but sometimes the damn thing just has a mind of its own.

XoXo, Blondie.