I know a lot of people wondering what really happened when I ended up in the hospital about a month ago and I CANNOT wait to tell you 😀 So here is a bit of the back story to get us started.

As you may or may not know it is EXTREMELY stressful for diabetics to get through pat down/security gate situations. I never know how much the person who is patting me down knows or what rules they will pull out of their butts about needles and juice. Usually I get stressed out, plan ahead-what to say-what to have in my bag- to get through the pat down easily.

Usually I get angry and enraged at the questions security guards ask me but this was my first ever embarrassing moment during a pat down.

The friday night of elements I got super stressed out. Because of the druggies in the city(hahaha) security was HIGH. I walked up to the police officer that was about to check my bag and just blurted right out ‘I HAVE TYPE ONE DIABETES’ they guy did not even pat me down. He did not want to see my tester or anything. He just told me to tuck my pump in so it would not got knocked off me. I was ticked that he was trying to tell me how to wear the thing that I wear 24 hours a day but I walked away fine.

Either my hang over or confidence from the first night stopped me from preparing for the second night pat down. As I walked up to the lady she first looked in my purse. She grabbed my tester and went ‘Whats this?!’ I respond ‘My blood glucose tester, I am a type one diabetic’ Halfway through explaining she cuts me off ‘Have any needles?’ so I am not even sure she heard me. I responded again ‘No I use an insulin pump’ Yet again she cuts me off. ‘Well whats this?’ (as she is holding my finger poker) awww shoot I thought to myself, thats a ‘needle’. I respond ‘it pricks my finger for tests’ halfway cuts me off again ‘So a needle?!?!’ She goes and finds someone who okays my finger poker inside the festival. When she comes back she tells me to spread my legs and hold up my arms. My heart begans to beat. Her arms swipe up and down my body so fast I was about to say ‘HEY! Watch out for My pump!’ When her arm hits it and it rips off my body Slams on the ground and slides across the floor, under the table, and at the feet of five guys watching in disbelief. (the one guys mouth was open!) Embrassed and ready to cry I grab it hook it back on (still with all the eyes on me) grab my purse and say ‘Done?!’ she apologized and off I went.

I speed walk to kam waiting through the doors for me. As soon as I got to him I started to ball and lifted up my shirt. I managed to choke out. Pump pulled off. and together we looked to make sure it was okay. He held me and we had our moment. He managed to coax me out of feeling terriable and we had a great night!

Ignorance is not always bliss my friends. I hope she was embarrassed too.

XoXo, Blondie.