BG 12.3

After the Elements festival I felt fine. I did not think twice about how part of my pump got ripped off me. My sugar was a bit high on the Sunday but I figured after two late dancing/drinking nights that it was to be expected. Monday and Tuesday were the same but when I gave myself a larger bolus it brought my sugars back down to normal range. Good to go right?


When I woke up Wednesday and my sugar was at 15mmol/l (for no food related reason) I started to wonder but still went on with my day. I left the house to run some errands and by ten I was sitting at a 30mmol/l. Scary part was that I was not feeling the way a high sugar usually did. I was feeling LOW with a stomach ache. AHHH!!! (I remember standing in line at the UofA waiting to fill out paper work just feeling so yucky. When I got to the desk and the lady was filling out my papers I put my head down on her desk!! I knew something was not right haha) I got home and called Kam. He came right away and we were off to the emergency room. Once in line I started to feel so confused I could no longer remember why we were even there. I needed to sit, to drink, or something (so fidgety!) The nurse checked my blood, and documented my shakes. The registration nurse was asking me questions that took me longer than normal more to answer (address, phone numbers, etc). Next thing I knew I was being put right into a bed. Hooked up to fluids, blood work taken and then left.

The doctors came by every hour and a half or so to take more blood, check my sugar and ask me questions. Since no one in the building had ever seen a pump before everyone had a million questions to ask. (kinda scary when the doctors cannot take care of you haha). They also did not trust my sensor but however, this gigantically old meter. I got pretty defensive and fed up by the time I left. Made me wish I was still a child and could go to the Stollery children’s hospital. They know so much over there about type one diabetes!

Any-who, I was told I had a mild case of DKA and if I would not have come in within 24 hours I would have been comatose. 
Pretty scary! I am just glad I can tell when things do not feel right in my body and can get help when I need it!
Thanks to the Fam Jam and Kam for helping me out that day!
Love you!!!

XoXo, Blondie.