So much diabetes stuff is happening in the next couple weeks! I am getting excited 😀

  • Bake sale- at work is this week. The kids having been working hard to bake and get things ready I cannot wait to see them in action at the table, selling, and explaining what they are doing
  • The bottle drive-went great we collected 600 dollars worth. It is just so great to see my family and friends to come together and work their butts off for me and this chronic illness. Makes me feel really good 😀
  • The walk is THIS weekend!-The team has been working so hard and I think we are going to make it close to 4,000 dollars! I am soooo EXCITED about it. 
  • Ctv News- June 13 at 8:15 I will be on ctv news doing an interview and promoting the ride for the cure! I wonder if I will be more nervous for it then the speech?

On top of this I should probably go in to see my specialist. It has been awhile since I have talked to a doctor about my diabetes. I think I do not go as often as I should because we do not have a very strong bond/connection/relationship. That sounds funny right? Who the heck has a good relationship with their doctor?! For me the doctor I chose to work with to manage diabetes becomes pretty important. I share everything with them and like to have someone I can laugh with. We work as a team and therefore need to have a good relationship. We work together to make life as easy as possible and reduce the risk of complications. It is hard to find a team that is good and that you like!
I think I have been doing an okay job lately but I feel like life has been busy and I have been neglecting things. I have not updated my sugar readings on the computer in months! (now that I think of it I do not remember once uploading since I have been in the apartment :o..uh oh!). Maybe if I did that I could figure out why I keep waking up with lows in the morning..
It is time to start looking or commit to the team I’ve got! Haha 

XoXo, Blondie.