I have been talking a lot about highs and lows. What they feel like, how I act, and what not. BUT how do they even happen? There are so many factors that affect blood sugar readings and are SO different for everyone.So I would like to give you my personal list of factors that make my blood sugar go up or down!

There are factors that can be controlled like: Food-counting and measuring carbohydrates

There are factors that can be controlled after trail and error (trying it out, seeing what happens, and remembering!):
Fats (in foods)- for example no matter how much insluin I give myself my sugar ALWAYS spikes after eating Old dutch BBQ chips and Chinese food. 

Then there are factors that are all over the place. They cannot be measured!
Short bursts of adrenaline

Then there are the factors i forget about a lot:
Running up the stairs/for the train/ to an injured child
Jam on my toast
Dip for my veggies!

Those are things I take into consideration and ‘control’ when trying to keep myself at a perfect 6.0 and take care of myself. 

 XoXo, Blondie.