We did it!!


The fam jam worked So hard and managed to raise 3,943 dollars for preventation, treatment, and a cure! After a few hick-ups… missing people, rain, milatry police. We made it handed in our money, stood out greatly in our shirts, and walked for a great cause.

While we were on the base about to start the walk I looked around and wished we could see who was who in the crowd. Big signs pointing out the T1 diabetics and their moms/dads/grandparents, etc. How many T1 adults were there?

You see and hear so much about the kids that have diabetes but I have always wondered what has happened to all those kids that were a kid when I was?! Where are you?! what are you doing now that we are adults?! Do you still see a doctor every six months? Image

As far as next year, I hope everyone wants to join again! Keep your shirts handy 😀

XoXo, Blondie.