As the interview on ctv is coming up so quickly (Tomorrow! AH!) I realized yesterday I knew nothing about what i needed to know. What I would be doing, what to wear, where to go. You know all the things people like I with mild OCD need to know. I sent emails and asked questions yesterday morning. By last night I had my response and as I read it I realized I was COMPLETELY NOT READY.
I started to freak out.
Talking a mile a minute to kam, asking questions he would never know. Just freaking out.  Kam and I talked it out and I calmed down.  Kam warned me this is how I get myself into lows! (Foreshadowing in real life, no way! Haha). We giggled and continued to clean up, make lunches and prepare to lay in bed and watch jericho on Netflix. Kam was ready and in bed waiting for me. I walked in and realized he was laying on the uncovered pillows. I felt beyond irritated. the clean pillowcases were just in the living room ready to be put away yet there he was just laying on plain pillows!! ARGH! I stormed off to get them. I was overly ticked off and searched for what felt like forever in the bag of clean laundry. I thought there was four of them but I could only find three. Kam could hear me getting more furstrated and came to help me. As he came towards me I could feel the heaviness of my shoulders and realized how goofily overwhelmed I was over pillows. I grabbed my tester and Kam grabbed the OJ.  My sugar had dropped to 3.4!
All over a little stress of tomorrows interview!

XoXo, Blondie

P.s- the interview is on CTV at 8:15 if anyone is interested in watching it!