Kam, my brother, and I all packed up and headed to Saskatoon on the weekend. We stayed at Pike Lake and even with the ticks and a little bit of rain it was pretty fun 😀
The only problem I have when I go down there is the Pastries! When ever we go down there and there is some type of fam jam event there is always PASTRIES. Always, this is not even an understatement. Squares, tarts, bear poo… just tiny, little, delicious, sugar raising treats. You tell yourself to eat just one and before you know it is like you have closed your eyes and ate fifteen.
These yummy things left my sugar high almost all weekend! You would never think one little square could pack so many carbs. BUT THEY DO! and then there is the fat content.

Next time I go I should look them up in my carb book. Maybe that could help lower the length of time my sugar goes high after eating them!

XoXo, Blondie.

P.s: Just a shout out to Steph (my cousin in stoon) for letting me know she has been enjoying the blog!! Thanks 😀