While reading many blogs I have noticed that everyone that has a pump wears it so differently! I do not mind if my pump hangs out or if people see it. The one and only thing I HATE is bulge. So if you can see a big bump under my clothing there is NO way i would wear it there!
There are a few places I have heard of that I would NEVER do:

  • A waist band. It wraps around your waist and under your t-shirt.
  • In a ‘fanny pack’ strapped to your waist/hip
  • On a necklace around your neck. It would dang around your chest.

All three (fanny pack/necklace/waist band can be bought from pump suppliers! Very bulging and a fanny pack?! That is So not me!! Haha
My sweet spot for pump wearing is my front pockets! I love snuggling it in there either inside the pocket or out! I have found some tricky times that make it hard to wear it this way:

  • Leggings: The fabric is so thin that wearing it on a pocket of leggings just pulls my pants down! On the waist band is ALWAYS a No-No since leggings usually reach up the waist (not hips) and it would look ridiculous if my shirt was not covering it.
  • The car: I have a hard enough time sitting with a seat belt being that I am so short. Even on the lowest setting for the body strap it always cuts into my neck! On top of this problem if my sensor or pump are on my body in certain spots the seat belt rubs up against them. So every time I move to shoulder check or look out my mirrors there is an uncomfortable rub on the neck and tummy!
  • Skirts/dresses: Usually there are flimsy or NO pockets!!!!!! and High or no waist bands(on a dress!!)
  • Pants with no front pockets: Haha my sweet spot! Back pockets are okay if I plan on standing the whole time I am wearing them. Sitting on my pump hurts the bum!
  • The Bra: Good news is that some bras are comfy to wear my pump in when I am missing a front pocket. However, The band in between my breasts needs to be the width of my pump (no tiny buckles!) and I need to wake the neckline. With a low neckline you can see him perched up there and the tub always seems to dangle out. I have also gotten some weird looks as my breasts beep and When I need to bolus!

So it does take a bit more care to get dress or buy clothes! I find that using the front pockets, bra, and leg strap (which tends to fall off often but works!) work the best for me. No matter what it won’t stop me from wearing what I want. I just might not be 100% comfortable!

XoXo, Blondie.