Thursdays are my busiest days. I work the spilt shift at the out of school care and with the school being catholic they get out at noon on Thursdays!
Woohoo Half Day!
Not! Haha.
It makes me only have two hours inbetween shifts and it makes for a BUSY day. However, I am procrastination dishes so it has motivated me to write 😀

On the weekend in saskatoon I had the pleasure of staying with my Aunty and her two girls at the lake! We had campfires, cooked hotdogs, went to the beach and the pool! I had a cute diabetic moment with my 4 year old cousin. 

We were in the pool so I had unhooked my pump and left it in my bag near the edge but still had the quick set and sensor attached to tummy. With my bikini it was visible. My cousin got a glimse of the sensor and pointed at it asking: ‘What is that?!’ 

Before this when the girls had noticed I was giving myself needles they asked about them. My aunty, and I had explain that the needles stop me from getting sick. Which, I think is the best way of explaining it to a 4 year old. In all honesty it is true, the simple truth. If my sugar goes high or low I feel yucky! Even sick yucky. And that sickness could put me in the hospital. This explanation keeps it serious but not too scary!

So when my cousin asked about my sensor in the pool it was a simple question to answer!

Me: Remeber how I use to take needles?
J: Ya?
Me: This thing makes it so I don’t have too! 
With a nod of a head she was good to go. 

I think it is important to make children aware of how different I am then ‘normal’ people. It shouldn’t be hidden. It is such a great experience for them to see me giving myself insulin and wearing a pump. Yet still able to do normal daily things. 

Bringing Awareness! For children they might meet like me. 

XoXo, Blondie.