NOW! After catching up its time to move on to the topic of today….

4 Days until my trip!


I am not longer excited HAHA I am NERVOUS!
Do I have everything I need?
Doctor letters?!
My mind is racing with things that need to get done and  freaking out if I have everything Kam and I need.

And as I think about these things there is still a small anxious part of me afraid to go through security.
Why should I worry so much?!

Let me tell you why!: Because every security guard is so different in their procedures with people with diabetes. (I feel it is because NO one has any idea what diabetes is all about…Family doctors, close friends….even some diabetics! With this comes a crap-load of rumors and made-up crap that is not true and well just TICKS me off Hahaha) I almost feel like I have seen it all already. I have been told I could not bring my needles in. Another wanted me to open my tester and make it work. One woman tried to rip my pump off at the quick set on my belly, one knocked it right over and off me! Haha and another told me to throw out my juice box since my pump helped me with sugar lows… Oh boy.
I am sure this is just the beginning of my troubles though.

Airport security is crazy enough! I do not want any problems. It also does not help that my pump is new to ME. I have no idea what to expect. And time to research has been small.
I know I need to
keep it attached to me through the metal deteter.
my doctors note (and I have it!)
I have to turn of my sensor on the airplane.
But what else?! Will they ask to hold it? Will they ask me to show them how it works to see its real? How much questioning will I receive?! The good news is airport security has always seemed pretty educated. There are a lot of diabetics in Canada and they would see it more often then the cop woman at the music festival. So I guess I should be nervous for security in mexico. What will happen in mexico when I cannot explain to them in spanish whats on my hip. Pumps are hidden treasures that most diabetics do not use. They are rare(compared to the amount of people that have diabetes) in Canada.
I am sure mexico have not seen as many insulin pumps as Canada…

I will try not to worry hahaha…Keep your Fingers crossed for me!!!

XoXo, Blondie.