3 days!!! Until I leave, oh man. Trying not to think about it!! So I have been thinking about PWD vs the word diabetic!
Being known as Natasha the diabetic not the diabetic Natasha. Which in the land of teaching (and being respectful to people with disabilities) is called using person first language. It is recognizing the person as a person rather then just their disability (Seeing more than just their disability!)

But I did not realize that people with diabetes feel like first person language is not being used when people say ‘Diabetic’. Makes sense! If you are using person first you do not call people that have autism autistic. Or say Johnny the autistic, it would be Johnny has autism.

This discovery has opened my eyes and…put me on the fence.

I am a strong believer in person first language. It is just the politically correct, feelings spare, respectful thing to do. It opens the doors to seeing the strengths in people who have disabilities not just their weaknesses.
However, I have been a diabetic for twelve years not a person with diabetes (PWD). Sounds strange right? and for some reason I cannot let it go.

I know that my diabetes shapes my everyday life. It shapes the choices I make and has made many of my personal characteristics stronger. I also know that it will never stop me from doing what I want to do.

So why is being labeled ‘diabetic’ such a tough thing?
I have never felt disrespected by being call a diabetic. I know my family/friends, and I see more to me then my diabetes. BUT everything I have done was with diabetes. Does that not get some kind of credit?

I think because I still can do anything I want too and do not see it giving me weakness I am cool with being called a Diabetic. I will probably continue to call other people diabetics (and people with out diabetes non-diabetics) because I think we should be proud.

Proud that we can still have dreams and live through a tough chronic illness.

However, It is your choice what you chose to call me and others with PWD. Depends how your mind thinks! If you have an argument for or against leave a comment! I would love to hear what you think!!

XoXo, Blondie.