2 days!
2 Days left until I am off to the beach!! I am not sure if I mentioned but I am going down for my cousins wedding. The best news is that there is actually a lot of family going!
One of my cousins, Tj, is going. Her and I had an interesting moment about a year ago when she came to visit.

We were laying in bed, in the dark, about to go to sleep when she asked me: ‘Can you imagine life without diabetes?’  and I had no answer. The room so dark and dead silent. She then said ‘Tash, its not that I don’t think you won’t not have diabetes it’s just hard to picture’
I agreed with her. I cant picture it either!! Even though there are a lot things happening for research and diabetes. Myself and many have been told we will see a cure in our lifetimes. I just do not know what life would be like without diabetes. If I was cured would I feel like a piece of me is missing?! My biggest darkest secret is that I am afraid the cure for diabetes would cause a zombie apocalypse! Haha I am kind a crazy…
These thoughts do not make me a non-believer on the cure front but I am hesitant. Hesitant that it may not be for me. What if I do not know how to live without it?!
These thoughts also do not make the fundraising useless. I know that by doing the run/walk fundraisers for JDRF will find better ways for me to live (For example the pump and sensor.). And if anything in this lifetime I just want life with diabetes to be easier to live.

XoXo, Blondie.