One of the most popular questions (other then ‘you can’t eat that can you?’) I have faced while living with diabetes is
‘Does that hurt?’

Just a few minutes ago I sitting on the bedroom floor checking my blood. I did not want to waste the time getting a proper ‘chair’ to reassure myself that my body was telling me my sugar was low. I pulled out my lancing device picked my favorite finger and hit the yellow button. Quickly and usually painless the little prick hit my finger. When the little sting hit me and the blood pooled out of pinky finger I clued in. I remembered that I had just checked my sugar three hours ago (for a calibration of my pump) and had used that same pinky, same side. OUCH!!
My finger is still aching a little! 
The question is annoying but not everyone stabs themselves daily to stay alive (so the question is reasonable!). Do I feel pain every time I have to prick myself? With a needle or to check my blood? 
Not Usually!!!!! On occasion when I make an oopies like forgetting I have already used that finger before. Or if a sensor goes in funny I do get painful bruises!

But i think it is important to know that it is not every day. It is almost like accidentally cutting a fingernail to short. You have to(should! haha) cut your nails often and sometimes you take it to far and it hurts! It does not happen every time though!

Hope that helps anyone that I have brushed off when they have asked me my love to hate ‘Does that hurt?’ question!

XoXo, Blondie.

P.s. Photos from Cancun soon to come!! I promise 😀