I am lucky and have always felt my lows-awake or asleep. But there are many diabetics out there who do not. I feel like my ability to feel the lows makes me make bad decisions! I will skip the midnight test because I know I will feel it if I need it. But what if one time..only one time…I didn’t?! I cannot even start to imagine how scary it would be for Kam if that one time happened. No wonder he is so strict about getting up and testing in the night. Just like my Mom and Dad were.

Luckily the pump makes night time a bit easier! Not only will it beep at me and wake Kam and I up if I dip but it automatically shuts my basal off if I hit too low of a sugar. I can also adjust my basal to only give me a smaller percentage of my usual amount. So last night when I went to bed with a 4.6mmol/L I changed my basal to 45% of my usual amount. I stayed at 5.6mmol/L all night and woke up with a 6.2mmol/L! YES!! Usually a 4.6 before bed means over eating and waking up high!
I felt pretty successful 😀

XoXo, Blondie.