What a yucky word. What a yucky FEELING!
Bringing up the postsecret post has got me thinking about it more often this week! I do not have many stories were I actually felt or was told I was burden. But I have memories of always worrying about it. Worrying that friends would not want me over or that boys would not like me ‘that way’. Worrying about teachers not wanting me in their class because I had to eat. Or even other peoples parents not being able to ‘care for me’ so I could not go over for sleepovers. Worrying about if my parents had to put too much of their hard earned cash into my supplies. (No matter what they would have!) 
All of that just being a burden! Life would just be so much easier if…. Anyway! no what ifs (like I tell the kids at work!) lets not get sidetracked here. While I worried I also adjusted to make things less un-burden-ly. Here are things I do nowadays: 

  • When my sugar is low I have my juice and go-no 15min stops here!
  • I can test my sugar standing up, with one hand
  • I wear my pump in easy-grab locations when I am with people so we don’t have to stop in the bathroom every time I need to bolus or look at my pump
  • Other then this blog-where you choose to read about it ;)- I don’t complain!!

But do not feel bad! I repeat do not feel bad! As much as I do this to not be a burden it is also about fitting into society and living a close-to-normal daily life. They come hand’n’hand (as i think the saying goes?). 

It is just the extra stuff us diabetics do to live our lives!

XoXo, Blondie.