Two weekends ago Kam and I spent our whole Sunday at Folkfest (This big folk music festival- I got to see one of my favorite artists Steve Forbert! Check him out). We spent the whole day drinking and eating junk. So of course my sugars were SUPER high. But before you say ‘Awww Tasha!’ and wiggle your pointer finger at me. Remember we only live once and one whole day of drinking with high sugars is not what is going to kill me! I had fun and experienced folkfest the normal way a young person in their twenties would have. 😀

Anywho, more diabetic things happened that day!

As we were standing in line to get ice cream there was a mom and daughter standing in front of us. The mom was holding a case for an insulin pen!! I so badly wanted to be like ‘Hey! Who has diabetes? I do too…look at my pump…when were you diagnosed…blah…blah…blah.’

But I didn’t I was too shy!
I was scared they would think I was some weird-o. Because for some reason where I live diabetics don’t talk to diabetics in social settings like in-line-at-folkfest. My boyfriend’s cousin has diabetes and we barely ever chat about it AND I wear my pump in clear view of all to see it. Never have I been stopped by anyone. It is almost depressing! The young girl and her mom got their ice cream and walked away and I felt so upset with myself.

So since then I have decided to turn over a new leaf. If you are on the street and are clearly doing ‘diabetic things’ I am going to talk to you. Be prepared! Haha