I think I just really messed up! 
I have not worn my sensor in about a month because I am out of the special adhesive I need to keep it attached to my body. There is one special brand that is shaped and made a special way. This band aid sticks to my skin and moves with my body so well that using anything is out of the question. I guess I am a diva! Haha I cannot use anything else. No band aids, tape, gauze, or pro-wrap! Just this one special type of band aid made by pump suppliers
I can only find this special clear band aid thing online! So today I went to order some off the Medtronic website. The pictures for the products on this website are SO small. I totally think I bought the wrong thing.

So I just spent 50 bucks. Ya 50 bucks! On a box of 100 ‘band aids’ that may not even be the ones I need.