Two mess ups in one week-diabetes wise?!
My pump jingled at me today saying: Low reservoir. Which means my pump is running low and I need to refill it. I look in the fridge just to remember that I have not ordered any from the pharmacy.
I panic and check the clock. 7:30. Okay I have one hour to go get some!
So I called and ran over to the Safeway pharmacy. We had a chuckle about forgetting that kind of stuff and I went on my way with a couple boxes of insulin. 
It is just crazy to me how these things slip my mind sometimes. And what if (i hate what ifs!! but…) what if it was 9 o’clock already. What if they were closed? what would I do? Wait out the night and see what happens?
lol Sounds kinda crazy right?
There is just no room for forgetful-ness it is all planning and business here.