SO! I have gone to four out of five of my classes now and I am very excited about my semester ahead! I have a soccer and swimming class. Classes about intimate relationships, games for children, and environmental education.
As fun as all that sounds it is also going to be pretty tough for my diabetes on Thursdays! This is what my Thursday schedule looks like:
11-12:20-Sitting in a classroom
2-4:50- Varies activities including hiking, canoeing etc. in my outdoor ed labs.
THEN i have to wake up for an 8 o’clock lab (more running and activities) for my games for kids class.

How will I ever prepare for this huge amount of activity and prevent major lows that could ruin the experience?!?!

Here is my to do prepare/prevent list:

  • small carby snacks for in between activities like: home made trail mix, yogurt, low fat cheese and crackers, and fruit and protein bars.
  • Good hearty meals full of complex carbs like rice, breads, and pasta. Add to that lots of chicken and eggs! plus fruits and veggies.
  • Checking and watching my sugar closely! So i can decide where I need snacks and where to lower my basal rate
  • Checking my blood in the night at least every Thursday. With Kam’s help of course!

A lot of trail and error will come but hopefully if I spend the time watching my blood sugar right away I can get into a good routine and keep it that way for the semester! I hate sitting out from physical activity because of my diabetes and I hope I won’t have too!