I finally told all my teachers about my insulin pump and my type one diabetes! This year has (very much so) surprised me.
Usually I go up to the professor (prof. for short) and say ‘ hi I just wanted to let you know I have type one diabetes and I manage with a pump and transmitter’ then they say okay? And I reply ‘ so it might beep in your class! I just wanted you to know its not a cell phone. Just me!’ and The response is something like ‘ oh ya, no worries’
This year so different!
One prof gave me the blank stare and said ‘ahhhh k… Good to know’ lol I had no idea what to say! So I replied ‘ k cool beans!’ and walked away.
Another prof asked if I was in good control, how long I had it, etc.
Then another said she was going to research it! So of course I sent her links.. I want to responsible of diabetes learning!!!