The ride for the cure happened LAST Friday already. Man are the days are just flying by! I have like a billion stories to tell but i will leave you with just one today.

The ride worked like this: each bike had five riders each rider rode for 7 minutes each. There was also three sets of different teams and with 50 bikes under the tent that meant over 400 people came out and had raised money for diabetes research throughout the day. I got to talk to news reports, riders, and on stage all three times the bike teams started. On the last round of bike riding the other ambassador (turner) and I had a team to ride with too! 
Now I do not know where my courage came from, since I was so nervous as it was to be speaking to people but on my turn to ride I asked the Dj to play this song. As everyone got on their bikes I asked for a moment of their time. I told them that we needed to get pumped up for the last ride of day. That this song helps me get through the toughest days when my sugars are all over the place and I need some help! It lets me know its all going to be okay 😉

Give’r’ a listen when life is too tough (Yes Kam even you, I know you do not like her voice! it’s about the beat and the lyrics 😛 looooooooove you!!)