Here is a photo of the needle that guides the sensor into my fat on my abdomen:

It has been about a month and a half since I have used one! I have just been killing my fingers and pricking them a million times (because of my physical activity). I have not put a sensor on because of the whole mix up with the adhesive. Plus i get really nervous putting it on myself. I have to prep talk myself! If its put in the wrong spot it spends sharp pains through my abdomen. Other times it bleeds forever! So why do i use it?
It’s the most amazing thing when it works properly. Knowing my blood sugar every minute of the day without pulling out a meter?!
Time saver!!
Hearing beeps when my sugar is falling so i can check myself before I go low?
Less calories!! And less time spent in the yucky low feeling.
Sad to say but it is worth the pain and moment of anxiety to put it in for the convenience of living a more ‘normal’ life.
I did finally man up! Wednesday I finally put one on! And it lasted one day. Fml.
Better get another one on today!