Its been about a year and a half since I last went to the eye doctor. Which is technically BAD! A diabetic should go to the eye doctor every year; give or take a couple days. That whole six months could have made a difference in seeing something important! Well that is what I have been told by diabetic specialists anyways. I think if you see a complication in the eye it will still be there six months later. At either time what could you really do?
Cure me of diabetes so I do not go blind?!-lets do it now how about!
Stop it from happening by having to be more rigid in my management? Both sound ridiculous to me but really I am just avoiding the anxiety and worry of bad news for six months! Hahaha

Have you ever walked into the doctors and thought to yourself: Am I going to pass this exam?! The anxiety of having a problem with my eyes makes it feel like an exam. I hope to ‘pass’ every time I go to the eye doctor! One of the many complications from diabetes is blindness. It comes from ‘bad’ control of blood sugar levels and/or just the wear and tear of having diabetes. I guess the problems(which there are many of) start off small and the eye doctor calls them diabetes diseases. (which would explain why I have no idea what any of the problems are actually called)

Any who,  I went yesterday.
I got a full check up. Eyesight, contact fit, and of course the check for ‘diabetes diseases’
So just to let everyone know I have PASSED the eye exam once again. My prescription changed but I am told it is just because I am getting older. (Gross)

13 years lucky 😀