Here is the who, what, where, when, why of world days day!
who: Family, Friends, supporters of diabetics.
what: Some how recognize and bring awareness to the millions of people suffering from diabetes around the world.
where: I will be wearing it! And you can too. I will be making blue ribbons for my family and friends to wear.
when: Wednesday, November 14, 2012.
why: to bring awareness that millions of people suffer from this chronic illness everyday. That you can’t grow out of it. To make people aware that it is painful, inconvenient, and fatal.
On November 14 1922 (which was only 90yrs ago!!) Fredrick Banting discovered insulin as a treatment for diabetes. A.k.a the only reason I am still alive and some what well today!!!
how how can you get into it? Contact me and I will give you a ribbon!!! Plus reminders to wear it and what to say if people ask ‘wtf?!’ My family in Saskatoon talk to Tansley and Aunty barb they will have one for you!! Made and shipped specially for you by me 😀

Xoxo, Blondie.