Where have I been and what have I been doing?!
Too much!
School has taken over and if I am not studying or visiting family I have been sleeping!
On top of the stress of papers I have been having ridiculous high sugar levels after my swim classes. So high that I feel sick to my tummy and can hardly pay attention in my lecture I have right after swimming. It is so silly!
So every Tuesday/Thursday I have to decide if I want to potentially go low during swimming. I have been either giving myself insulin or not eating right before i swim. This keeps my sugars at about 5.0m/mol or 6.0m/mol and by the end of class I am at about 13.0m/mol. I hate exercising with a sugar of 5.0m/mol because the chances of going low are greater and therefore, could ruin my whole swim! But i have been taking the risk and so far the after math is so much better!