Kam and I went to a ‘refresher’ pump course today at the university. I am sure you are semi-wondering Why?!?!?! I have only had my pump for about a year and a half so why did I need a refresher!


During my years of not caring too much about having diabetes I lost touch with my specialist (or endocrinologist I believe they are called). So I was taking diabetes advice from my family doctor. Which wasn’t too bad considering he has some diabetes background and I was on a simple insulin therapy. BUT when I started pumping no one at my doctors office could really give me any help with it. Nor, give me confident advice on how I could be taking full advance of the thing. The pump company were the ones to get me started on pump therapy and had given me numbers to nurses that worked for the company for help. 

These people were somewhat helpful but were not a diabetes care team I need! I needed to be able to make appointments, look at numbers, and not feel like I was disturbing them and their ‘sales’ 

So since I have gotten my pump I haven’t being feeling like I am using it to its full potential. My last A1C was in the low 8 range and I feel with this refresher class and a diabetes care team there is no reason I can’t bring it into the best range. 7.0-7.9!!!

P.s. Kam enjoyed it, bored at some points! Haha. He did say he learnt a lot! I think the best points for him was when the supports (of other diabetics) did not know how to use a glucagon (and he does!). Then hearing from the nurse that it is not heard of very often anymore of diabetics dying in their sleep because of pump technology! Maybe he will sleep better tonight? 😛