BG: 5.2 
(Notice that I put my sensor back on!!! Woohoo Go Me 😀 Haha)
Earlier tonight I decided I was going to go for a swim!
Before I went I cooked supper for Kam and I. When we were about to eat I looked at my pump and noticed I was sitting at a 4.9mmol/L (FYI that is not a good number to be sitting at when wanting to go swimming in an hour). So we ate, I lower my basal by 50%, and did not bolus for supper. After eating Kam and I were sitting at the table chatting a little when my pump beeped. We both knew the familiar ring… I was low! 3.4mmol/L. Knowing I had just ate and lowered my basal rate I just left my body to work it out. 
After clearing the table I sat around watched some funny videos and then got ready to go for my swim. As I got my shoes on Kam came to the door to say goodbye when he asked ‘Hey, you have dex tabs in your bag right?!’ 

My heart melted

He remembered I was low earlier and wanted to make sure I was prepared if it happened again.
I can be soooooooo forgetful!!! However, today I had dex tabs, carrots, an apple, and a granola bar! Nothing was stopping me from practicing for my swim exam next week! I was prepared! Haha But that simple question reminded me that Kam and I are in this together. I am not the only one who prepares and plans for low blood sugars.

This extra little support is exactly what i need to combat this ridiculous chronic illness day to day. 
Thanks babes 😉