Hello blog world!
Sorry for MIAing on you. Life with school, work, and my own little family can keep me sooo busy sometimes! I have missed writing and until i stopped writing I never realized how many people actually read my blog! ( Knowing your reading is great motivation to write!!)
So it has been a few months! There are a lot of new things to talk about,
-there is a boy in my class from practicum who has diabetes, we compete over sugar levels at lunch time
-I am noticing more and more people in my life have type two
-I was an ambassador for an international final fantasy gamer webcast thinger. Over 2,000 people from around the world were watching me talk!
-my a1c is up a bit again and I have been told I haven’t been taking full advantage of my pump (knew it!) so I have been testing my blood 5 times a day! It is so hard to do!
– I have given up on the sensor, argh that thing is annoying! I hate testing and want to use it but I am nervous!
Aaaand that’s about it!
To make myself responsible to sticking to writing I am going to say I’ll add three posts a week! Wish me good luck ; )