Around this time everyday I get home from school and get that hardcore craving feeling. I want to eat the hole house!
Sometimes, who am I kidding, more often then not I let into the cravings. And you know who suffers from it the most?
Kam! poor guy…
I owe him an apology! Here’s what usually happens..
I snack continuously and either wait to give insulin until I feel sick and eat no more OR only bolus the first time I go to cupboard and miss insulin for everything else. Either way my sugar raises to ridiculous heights. I get thirsty, and easily irritated. Sometimes I even cry for no real reason.
While this happens Kam is on his way home from work and walks in on me with a high sugar and moody!
Not cool right?
Asmuch as I try to tell myself not to eat so much or make a big snack and don’t go back for more I can’t! it is so hard not to snack!Even now writing this I am thinking if I should eat something else (On top of my cheese sandwich I just ate). Sorry Kam! I am trying but what’s a girl to do?