I went to the metabolic clinic (not sure what metabolic means but I know type one and two diabetes go there and see doctors that specialize in diabetes). So yes, I went to the metabolic clinic on Wednesday and got a diabetes check up. They check my feet, my eyes, my sugars, whats going on in life, and even my feelings!! All seems to be in good order. Especially my eyes! No worries yet. My a1c is a 9.4 which is up from December 9.2 and more even than when I first got my pump 7.5! The target is 7 and my doc told me most people my age are in the 8s. The reason I am in the 9s is because even though more often then not I am on top of checking my blood and making good choices sometimes I am not. Those lazy times (as I like to call them) have me sitting two units above the number I’d like be.
sad 😦
My doc said he feels sympathy for me! He knows I work hard and have my lazy moments but unfortunately it’s what is holding me back. He told me he would like to see me in 7-8 range and told me to try my best.
It is hard to get back into the habit of always testing and I definitely need reminders! And the guilt I have when I have a moment to think about it is ridiculous. In twenty years when I lose a limb, an organ (and/or my eyes) I will have nothing to blame but my lazy, lost habits 😦
So if you see me about to eat and your not sure if I tested ask! I promise not to get mad about it anymore. I need the reminder until I get back into the swing of it.
I want to be in full control and set myself up for a successful diabetic future!!!