There are certain foods that my manmade insulin just cannot handle.

BBQ chips, Chinese Food, Subway, and Mucho-Burrito

For BBQ chips and Chinese food it is the fat! No matter how much insulin I give myself half an hour after eating it my sugar is ridiculously HIGH. I was told that many diabetics have certain foods that affect them differently. I am sure pizza or poutine fries has the same amount of fat but I can maintain a good sugar level after eating them! I guess I am just not suppose to eat those chips or Chinese!

Now, Subway and Mucho Burrito share one thing in common SO MANY CARBS(check out bold words on the Diabetic Jargon Page)! I was talking with my mom and her friend Cathy from work about this because just thinking about eating mucho burrito reminds me of a sugar high. I cannot eat there anymore, my high sugar feelings have ruined it for me! For subway I can sometimes get the insulin ratio right but it does not happen very often!