I have come to the conclusion from listening to the radio and my co-workers/friends/families talk about feelings on resolutions that there is such a black/white to it. My reflection on whether I should make goals for my year has shown me that a lot people either HATE it or LOVE it.  I feel some make goals too general while others make goals soooo specific that both are unattainable! A resolution should be something that challenges you; something that continues your growth and learning; something that you can look back and be proud of. Even if it is the smallest challenge! I want to continue to grow,learn, and reflection so I AM going to have some New Year Resolutions!
Here are my small and big challenges that I want to be proud of at the end of 2014.
-Continue to volunteer
-Rid myself of enemies by changing my attitude towards people, apologize, forgive
-Forgive by knowing I can not change the past but I can change how I feel about the past
-Keep dreaming and believing that I will be in a classroom one day soon! Positive thinking= Results.
-Stay up to date on things teacher related- books/blogs/etc
-Start using my phrase a day book
-Write what I am grateful for -daily
-Feel great about myself and my body
Work out
Eat Healthy
and Drop my A1C by 2.0%
I’d like to do this by swapping out my pump every other day, checking my sugar before I eat, and continuing my blog posts (this written release reminds me that my body needs my attention)

While some of this list came from my own personal list some of the others were inspired by this list

I hope you decide to join me and challenge yourself this year! Good luck 😉
Happy New Year