How do you mange over the holidays? Manage with food that is. Do you limit yourself to one or two sweets? Stay away from everything? Or gorge?

I find it especially hard these days with four different dinners within a week. Each offering potatoes, stuffing, and plenty of deserts all in one sitting. That is a lot of carbs my friend! That’s not even taking into account all the carbs I eat before dinner with all the fancy appetizers everyone recreates from Pinterest.
It seems no matter how much insulin I give myself my blood sugar is still sky high. Must be the fat with the carbs? Who knows!

I am sure you are thinking ‘just don’t eat it!! Control yourself.’ Of course I have thought of that but why is this easier said then done?
Can you control yourself at holiday dinners? Please I need some tips!

My uncle told me at Christmas Eve dinner this year that one day won’t hurt you. So next year I must try and decide on one day… Lol