About Blondie

Hey! Welcome to my Blog
My name is Natasha and I have had diabetes since I was 11 years old. In the past few years I have had a great time sharing stories and hope to continue sharing with this blog! I hope to connect with other diabetics and help my non-diabetic family/friends understand the differences I go through everyday.

You can watch my first ever vocal attempt to share with the world my life with diabetes. I made it to be apart of the You Can Do This project!
Blondie’s Adventure





2 thoughts on “About Blondie”

  1. Cool, so what all are you going to do with this? how often are you going to write?

    • I want to write every week day and just vent stuff out! Help the fam jam learn stuff they do not know about the betes!
      Pass it around if you think there is someone I missed giving it too
      Love ya momies!

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