Diabetic Jargon

Here you can find some definitions to words that I use a lot in reference to my diabetes. You will find these words bold in my blog entriesIf you ever find a word or phrase I use that you do not understand PLEASE email me or comment on the post so I can add it to the list. I know I have a lot of jargon that people who are not in my brain would understand Haha

Bad bete day- Are the days my body takes over control haha. My sugars flop up and down and it feels like nothing is in my control.

Betes– is shot form for Diabetes.

Diabetis– (emphasis on the ‘sssssss’ sound on the end) I do not know many people who use this word in ‘real life’ but my friends and family joke around about using it. The proper term is diabetes or diabetic! Usually I hear diabetis from older people or those asking questions about ‘diabetis’

DKA:  Diabetes ketoacidosis can kill you! Basically it is when there is too much sugar in your blood and because of the overwhelming amount of sugar in your blood some how your body starts to produce acid. So now you have acid in your blood! Scary stuff I tell ya!

Calibration-is checking my sugar with my meter when my blood sugar is stable. So when it is not rising or dropping. It is actually a little difficult to do! When I am yelling at my sensor for being a poop its usually because I calibrated at the wrong time!

Carbs- is short for Carbohydrates. It is in pretty much every piece of food you eat, even protein and veggies!! Green veggies are the one exception. In your body carbs convert to sugar and get transferred to your cells (by insulin) to give you energy.  If you check on your food labels you can see how many carbs are in the food you eat! Many people diet eating less or no carbs. I count carbs to know how much insulin to give myself.

Sensor– Is another little machine attached to my body that is able to check my blood sugar every five minutes. This means at every minute of the day I know what my blood sugar is reading at. That is if I calibrate it right!

Sugar emotion- When my blood sugar is high or low I get very moody. Irritated, angry, and/or sad. A sugar emotion is an emotion I have when my blood sugar is not in normal range. The situation usually becomes over dramatic and not at all worthy of getting worked up about!

Therapies- are the different ways type one diabetics take care of themselves. Because people have such different lifestyles and everyone’s diabetes affect them differently there are MANY different ways to control blood sugars. When I was little I took two needles a day-one in the morning-one at supper. This meant that everything I ate and did needed to be planned out and executed. For me at this time this is what worked. When I got into highschool and was able to give myself my own needles I started to give myself insulin for every meal. Snacks still needed to be planed but I had more options at bf, lunch, and supper. Now I pump which is a hole new ballgame!  Those are just three examples though! Remember: Everyone is very different!!


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