A cute moment in my house…

BG: 5.2 
(Notice that I put my sensor back on!!! Woohoo Go Me ūüėÄ Haha)
Earlier tonight I decided I was going to go for a swim!
Before I went I cooked supper for Kam and I. When we were about to eat I looked at my pump and noticed I was sitting at a 4.9mmol/L (FYI that is not a good number to be sitting at when wanting to go swimming in an hour). So we ate, I lower my basal by 50%, and did not¬†bolus¬†for supper. After eating Kam and I were sitting at the table chatting a little when my pump beeped. We both knew the¬†familiar¬†ring… I was low! 3.4mmol/L. Knowing I had just ate and lowered my basal rate I just left my body to work it out.¬†
After clearing the table I sat around watched some funny videos and then got ready to go for my swim. As I got my shoes on Kam came to the door to say goodbye when he asked ‘Hey, you have dex tabs in your bag right?!’¬†

My heart melted

He remembered I was low earlier and wanted to make sure I was prepared if it happened again.
I can be soooooooo forgetful!!! However, today I had dex tabs, carrots, an apple, and a granola bar! Nothing was stopping me from practicing for my swim exam next week! I was prepared! Haha But that simple question reminded me that Kam and I are in this together. I am not the only one who prepares and plans for low blood sugars.

This extra little support is exactly what i need to combat this ridiculous chronic illness day to day. 
Thanks babes ūüėČ




Pump Refreshing

Kam and I went to a ‘refresher’ pump course today at the university. I am sure you are semi-wondering Why?!?!?! I have only had my pump for about a year and a half so why did I need a refresher!


During my years of not caring too much about having diabetes I lost touch with my specialist (or¬†endocrinologist I believe they are called). So I was taking diabetes advice from my family doctor. Which wasn’t too bad considering he has some diabetes background and I was on a simple insulin therapy. BUT when I started pumping no one at my doctors office could really give me any help with it. Nor, give me confident advice on how I could be taking full advance of the thing.¬†The pump company were the ones to get me started on pump therapy and had given me numbers to nurses that worked for the company for help.¬†

These people were somewhat helpful but were not a diabetes care team I need! I needed to be able to make appointments, look at numbers, and not feel like I was¬†disturbing¬†them and their ‘sales’¬†

So since I have gotten my pump I haven’t being feeling like I am using it to its full potential. My last A1C was in the low 8 range and I feel with this refresher class and a diabetes care team there is no reason I can’t bring it into the best range. 7.0-7.9!!!

P.s. Kam enjoyed it, bored at some points! Haha. He did say he learnt a lot! I think the best points for him was when the supports (of other diabetics) did not know how to use a glucagon (and he does!). Then hearing from the nurse that it is not heard of very often anymore of diabetics dying in their sleep because of pump technology! Maybe he will sleep better tonight? ūüėõ



90 years ago

Can you¬†believe¬†that ninety years ago diabetes was a fatal chronic illness!! (Well i guess you could aruge that it is still a fatal ¬†BUT it is not immediate and it is possible to take care of yourself!)¬†Sooooo…to put it correctly: A¬†disease that could not be managed. It is scary to think that just over ninety years ago¬†I would not have made it this far in life. Thanks to this man
Fredrick Banting

I get to live my life and be ‘normal’
I hope no one forgets that it is still a struggle but so worth it to be able to be alive.
I am forever grateful.


Checking in

Where have I been and what have I been doing?!
Too much!
School has taken over and if I am not studying or visiting family I have been sleeping!
On top of the stress of papers I have been having ridiculous high sugar levels after my swim classes. So high that I feel sick to my tummy and can hardly pay attention in my lecture I have right after swimming. It is so silly!
So every Tuesday/Thursday I have to decide if I want to potentially go low during swimming. I have been either giving myself insulin or not eating right before i swim. This keeps my sugars at about 5.0m/mol or 6.0m/mol and by the end of class I am at about 13.0m/mol. I hate exercising with a sugar of 5.0m/mol because the chances of going low are greater and therefore, could ruin my whole swim! But i have been taking the risk and so far the after math is so much better!

World diabetes day

Here is the who, what, where, when, why of world days day!
who: Family, Friends, supporters of diabetics.
what: Some how recognize and bring awareness to the millions of people suffering from diabetes around the world.
where: I will be wearing it! And you can too. I will be making blue ribbons for my family and friends to wear.
when: Wednesday, November 14, 2012.
why: to bring awareness that millions of people suffer from this chronic illness everyday. That you can’t grow out of it. To make people aware that it is painful, inconvenient, and fatal.
On November 14 1922 (which was only 90yrs ago!!) Fredrick Banting discovered insulin as a treatment for diabetes. A.k.a the only reason I am still alive and some what well today!!!
how how can you get into it? Contact me and I will give you a ribbon!!! Plus reminders to wear it and what to say if people ask ‘wtf?!’ My family in Saskatoon talk to Tansley and Aunty barb they will have one for you!! Made and shipped specially for you by me ūüėÄ

Xoxo, Blondie.

Remember the sensor?

If you remember a couple of posts ago I was talking about being FREAKED right out about my sensor. (If you missed it you can read it here. At the time Kam got my phone out and video tapped me putting it on. So if you are brave enough and want to see me putting my sensor on up close and personal. Check it out here

You know you want to, even if you are scared of needles. You can do it! Believe me ūüėČ



To start off my eye doctors appointment sure sent me off on some CrAzY reflection and some of it does not seem to fully connect BUT thats how my brain works. (Sorry in advance:P) Soooo here goes nothing….I have always thought that non-diabetics would not understand the relief of an ‘all good’ from the doc. However, my parents understand it and so does Kam. So does anyone with a chronic illness and their families. I felt relief when my grandmas cancer was in remission. (not so much anymore but there is still hope!). So I write this post with the assumption that you kinda understand the feeling. BUT ¬†I am going to make it personally about me ūüėÄ

I think check ups make me depressed! As I told you yesterday I got an ‘all good’ from the eye doctor. WooooHOOOO!! I should be excited right?
I think I feel upset because for more than a small moment I have to think of the possibilities of my future. How many people my age care to think about their future physical abilities?! We just drink and hope for the best! Haha However, I think everyone takes for granted their ability to move and live life. Could you imagine losing your eyesight? or a leg? What if one day your organs start failing. Are you thinking about that when your pissed off that your PVR did not record your show? Or if you are stuck in traffic? I think it is hard to appreciated our mobility when we are just use to having it every day.

I cannot stress enough how often¬†complications¬†are on my mind. Any time i eat something or do a certain physical activity that I know will make my sugar go high or low. I cant help by have a small second in my mind of ‘Oh great!’ which body part is this hurting?

I have had diabetes for 13 years and i have been so lucky for so long. How much more ‘lucky’ will I be?! And as my hangovers last more then one day and my eye sight gets worse, as the birthdays and diabetes birthdays pass I cannot help but worry a little more when I sit in the doctors lobby.

When we go to bed we should be thankful that we made it through another day (even if it was shitty) with the family/friends/things/opportunities we have because who knows what will happen next.


Time to get those eyes checked

Its been about a year and a half since I last went to the eye doctor. Which is technically BAD! A diabetic should go to the eye doctor every year; give or take a couple days. That whole six months could have made a difference in seeing something important! Well that is what I have been told by diabetic specialists anyways. I think if you see a complication in the eye it will still be there six months later. At either time what could you really do?
Cure me of diabetes so I do not go blind?!-lets do it now how about!
Stop it from happening by having to be more rigid in my management? Both sound ridiculous to me but really I am just avoiding the anxiety and worry of bad news for six months! Hahaha

Have you ever walked into the doctors and thought to yourself:¬†Am I going to pass this exam?! The anxiety of having a problem with my eyes makes it feel like an exam.¬†I hope to ‘pass’ every time¬†I go to the eye doctor!¬†One of the many¬†complications¬†from diabetes is blindness. It comes from ‘bad’ control of blood sugar levels and/or just the wear and tear of having diabetes. I guess the problems(which there are many of) start off small and the eye doctor calls them diabetes diseases. (which would explain why I have no idea what any of the problems are actually called)

Any who,  I went yesterday.
I got a full check up. Eyesight, contact fit, and of course the check for ‘diabetes¬†diseases’
So just to let everyone know I have PASSED the eye exam once again. My prescription changed but I am told it is just because I am getting older. (Gross)

13 years lucky ūüėÄ


The scary needle!

Here is a photo of the needle that guides the sensor into my fat on my abdomen:

It has been about a month and a half since I have used one! I have just been killing my fingers and pricking them a million times (because of my physical activity). I have not put a sensor on because of the whole mix up with the adhesive. Plus i get really nervous putting it on myself. I have to prep talk myself! If its put in the wrong spot it spends sharp pains through my abdomen. Other times it bleeds forever! So why do i use it?
It’s the most amazing thing when it works properly. Knowing my blood sugar every minute of the day without pulling out a meter?!
Time saver!!
Hearing beeps when my sugar is falling so i can check myself before I go low?
Less calories!! And less time spent in the yucky low feeling.
Sad to say but it is worth the pain and moment of anxiety to put it in for the convenience of living a more ‘normal’ life.
I did finally man up! Wednesday I finally put one on! And it lasted one day. Fml.
Better get another one on today!